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Film / TV  Director


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Lollie Entertainment is proud to present the talents of Don Record who was not only a unique and talented artist but also a loving friend and mentor. This page is dedicated to both his memory, family and artistic career.

When Don Record decided to extend his artistic skills toward title-design and later as a film director, he had no idea how fast his rising star would transform his career. His creativity and personal style soon became recognized as being among some of the best title-designers like Saul Bass, Pablo Ferro, Maurice Binder and Richard Williams.

Top above:  Sketch for “McArtthur” and  “Man of LaMancha feature film title-design.

Hippo Illustration for “Dr. Doolittle”

Animated title design.

Above:  Logo Image for “Johnny Got Is Gun” feature film advertising campaign. 

Right:  Film Strip features clips from the “Flare Up”

feature film title sequence-design.

Left: Ad campaign logo image for feature film “Goodbye Mr. Chips” Starring Peter O Toole

Left Bottom: “Man of La Mancha” original title-sequence sketch.

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