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Atom Project                                   Supporting                      Director Pam Lama

Shutterfly Love Notes                      Supporting                      StudioB Films                                                                                         

Brightswheel                                    Grandmother                 Bloom Studios

Alameda Hospital                           Senior Runner                 Piranha Pictures

Lively Alert Video                            Featured                         Max Fancher

Prezi Nutshell Commercial             Birthday Grandma        Glass & Marker

Apple Christmas Project                Grandmother  /             Scandinavia Film Studios   


Fresh Start-F Human Services         Doctor Role                   Plus M Productions   

First Song (Music Video)                 Grandmother                By Matthew Bowman


Americana                                      Restaurant Patron         Film by Zachary Shedd


2013 - 2014


Center for Elders Independence  Supporting                    Hill & Co Communications

Luminosity                                        Featured                       Peñabrand

AutoRap (Green Screen)              Supporting                    Smule App Products

Abbott Diabetes Care                   Supporting                    Graphite Films - Sausalito, CA

Center for Elders

Independence                               Supporting                     By Dennis Minor


Accellion Medical                         Featured                        Director / David Collier

Just Enough Time” Music Vid.     Supporting                     Director / Pete Lee       

Promo SFMOMA                            Feature Support            Jaded Multimedia

Do.com “17 Minutes”                    Extra                               Muh-Tay-Zik/Hof-Fer Agency


Intel-Laptop Product                    Supporting                      Independent Prods/Gilroy

“Urban City”    (Samsung)           Principle                          French Press Films

Diabetees Feel Video                  Supporting                      Giant Creative Agency


“Looking”  TV Series Pilot             Feature Extra                   HBO Network

“Looking” Episode                       Background                     HBO Network

“Randy to the Rescue”               Reality Show Extra          TLC Network


“Killing Time”    Short Film             Feature                            Visual Culture/By Jessica Liu

“Now” - Dramatic/Short Film      Supporting                       Academy of Art Project

“Murder, Mom & Me”                  Extra                                 Shadow Angel Films       



Bigelow Tea Lifestyle                    Principle                            Photos / Jim Hughes   

                                                                                                  Jennifer Bullock Productions   

Google Fiber                                Principle                             Kabroom Productions

Renvela / CBM-Kidney                Principle                             Photos / Robert Houser

Portrait - Treasured Possession    Principle                             Photos/Jessica Worthington

Witness 11 -  Short Film

Black/white Dramatic Film by Award Winning Writer/Director Sean Mitchell. Cast in "different background roles" for "Witness 11"- Story outline: Called before HUAC during their notorious 1940’s Hollywood 10 investigation, famed German playwright Bertolt Brecht flummoxes his questioners and makes them look foolish.

Producer:  Helen Jang

Talent Website: www.lollie.mixform.com

Lollie Ortiz On-Camera 2015 Credits

Additional credits, videos, voice-over samples plus project stills available at: