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Character Driven Reality TV Show


Producer/Host Cheryl Bauman

Co-Host: Mellissa Utech

Original Paw Logo Design

by: Lollie Ortiz

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BIKING & BARKING - Travel Adventures

A TV Reality Show Pet Travel Adventure show Produced and Hosted by Cheryl Bauman. Co-Producer: Lollie Ortiz

THE WORLD OF PUZZLE PIECE Created by Lollie Ortiz

Items Available:  Copyright Cast Sketches TV Show Script Sample. Plush Toy Samples

Original Theme Music by Irene Lamothe  and Lollie Ortiz

Copyrights & BMI Registered.

Click on Puzzle Piece image to view sample illustrations. All Rights Reserved 2015.


The Latté Girls created by Lollie Ortiz.

They’re hyped trend-spotters who use their fashion sense and tech-savvy skills to spirit them into adventures that suit their diverse personalities and passion for new and improved lifestyles. And with their pet mascot  “Jughead” they usually end with up more than they can handle but not without solutions that sparkle with heart and true friendship. All Rights Reserved Lollie Ortiz 2015.

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THE WISH - A Fantasy Adventure Family Film

Based on the original story “Life On Iggy Stree”t by Lollie Ortiz, this combined special-effects live-action fantasy follows a whimsical alien sent to live a normal existence with a happily married Hollywood couple which unexpectedly turns life with Iggy into a series of mishaps and magical flip-flops. Only a special wish can save Iggy from the wrath and destruction of an evil entity.

WGA Screenplay by Lollie Ortiz

Copyright Character Sketches

Producer - Creator - Designer: 

All Rights Reserved 2015.

CHANTEUSE’S BREW - An Animated Film Created by Lollie Ortiz

Chanteuse and her sisters in this “Little Women on Broomsticks” adventure battle against foreign invaders who plot to steal their special brew and identities as the “good witches for a cleaner environment.”

Screenplay - Written by Diana Robbins and

Lollie Ortiz

Copyright Character & Scene Sketches

Producer:  Lollie Ortiz

Registered: WGA

All Rights Reserved 2015.

All Projects represented by Legal Representation

and Literary Agent.

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Bilingual TV Children’s Show

Created by Lollie Ortiz

Bilingual Animated -Live Action Adventure starring:

Pepper...a spirited Ace Flyer who loves to discover life and all sorts of exciting places around the world in a magic balloon created by his friend Professor Tinker. And along for the ride are his best friends, Consuella, Kitty Kurl, Robbie Rabbit, Comica Haet and his buddy Catica.

Treatment available for review.

All Rights Reserved 2015.


Cheryl Bauman, Producer/Host of BIKING and BARKING, interviews the folks behind the scenes of the wonderful Three Dog Bakery. A heavenly place where humans can discover all kinds of doggie treats for their best friends and loving companions. A Wing & A Prayer Production.

ROMANTIC SERIES in development.